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Getting Started

Everything that you need to get started on the Authoritas platform!

Managing your Account

Simple things to help you organise your Authoritas account (users, permissions, etc)


SEO Reporting questions and answers covering platform exports to .csv and .xls and Big Query and Google Data Studio integration


How to use the in-buillt task management functionality

Market Analysis

FAQs on the modules in the Market Analysis section


FAQs on modules within the Technical section

Keyword Research & Rankings

How to get the most out of your keywords (research, tagging, search volume, CPC, etc)


FAQs on the Content 360 module and on-site optiimisation

Author Discovery

How to find influencers and journalists for your outreach and digital PR campaigns


FAQs on Authoritas API services

Plans, Billing & Invoicing

The place to come for answers to all things finanical (credit usage, invoices, payment methods, upgrades, downgrades, etc)


Miscellaneous FAQs

Google Sheets Add-On