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What is the User Intent behind my keywords?
What is the User Intent behind my keywords?
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A lot has been written about the importance of understanding keyword intent, or ‘User Intent’ as it is an essential part of the SEO keyword and audience research process.

Within the Authoritas platform, you will now see an intent score against each keyword to help you with your SEO and content marketing campaigns! This is a colour bar at the bottom of each keyword you are tracking in your project.

The User Intent scores are updated every time a keyword is checked, and for every SERPs API request.

There are 4 types of Search Intent

  1. Navigational – the user is looking for a specific entity: e.g. A company, website, brand, product, event, location, social media handle, etc.

  2. Informational – the user is looking for general facts or information about a topic that has no commercial intent.

  3. Research – this is ‘commercial research’ where the user is researching a product or service and is looking for relevant data about what to buy and where to buy it to inform their decision.

  4. Transactional – the user has narrowed their research and is now looking to purchase a specific product or service.

If you want to filter by a specific dominant intent, you have the possibility to do via our filter module and select the right intent you want to look after:

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Have a look at our blog article to learn even more about the User Intent.

⚠️ Remember, this feature is already available in your account 😊

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