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How do I check keywords in a different country?
How do I check keywords in a different country?
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The Authoritas platform lets you check keyword rankings in over 100 different countries, with 40 language options and country-specific search engines including Baidu, Naver, Yandex as well as many more!

Let's look at how you can set up a new ranking configuration. Simply go to 'Settings' > 'Rank Configs'. From here click on 'Add New Config' and let's walk through the options available to you:

Config name - add in a name for your new configuration, e.g. Google UK or Bing USA

Country - the country where you would like your keywords checked

Search Engine - choose the search engine which you would like to monitor

Config type - choose from True or Pure Rank

1. True Rank - includes all Universal SERP features such as Answer boxes, Organic FAQ's, Videos, Images etc

2. Pure Rank - ignores Universal SERP features and focuses on organic results only

Language - choose which language your keywords are in, this option depends upon the country you select

Mobile - if you would like to track keyword rankings on a mobile device, simply check this box

Place (City or Postal code) - enter in a specific city or postal (zip) code to create a geo-location specific configuration

Local Search Volume Factor (%) - if you are tracking keywords in a specific location and know the percentage population, enter in the number here. E.g. New York's population is around 2.55% of the USA. This will adjust the search volume and CPC values used in the platform

Tags - add in a tag if you’d like to restrict the configuration to only track specific keywords. Don't forget to add the tag to the keyword too!

Click on 'Save' to create the new config and the platform will run the first check on your keywords!

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