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How do I add keywords to my project?
How do I add keywords to my project?
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Adding keywords to your project is really easy! There are two ways to do this depending on if you have a small number or list, or a larger set of keywords.

Adding Keywords (a small number or list)

Go to 'Keywords > Rank Tracking' where you can see the option to 'Add Keywords' as below. Type in your keywords or copy and paste the list. The 'Mapped Page' is the target URL for your keywords, or the web page which provides the best content. Use this feature so Authoritas can identify if the page you're expecting to rank for your keywords is indeed ranking!


The 'https' checkbox tells the platform whether the mapped page is using the https protocol (secure page) or not. Finally add a tag (or a few!) to manage and segment your keywords. Tags may include "brand"/ "non-brand", or "head terms" for high value or 'money-making' keywords. Simply click on 'Add' and the platform will run a quick check on your new keywords!

Adding Keywords in bulk (handy for larger or more extensive lists)

Simply go to 'Processes > Imports' and select 'Keywords' from the drop-down. There is a handy template to fill which lets you add as many keywords in bulk, as well as add mapped pages and tags. Click no 'insert link to template' to take a look!


The headings of each column are as follows:

Keyword - add in the keyword you'd like to monitor

Mapped Page - the target URL for your keywords

Check Frequency - how often the keywords are monitored, choose from Daily or Weekly

Match - an instruction for the platform to check existing keywords in the project. Enter the phrase "Exact" here and the platform will avoid duplicated keywords.

Country - the country that you are checking the keywords in. Simply enter in the two-letter code for the country e.g. UK = United Kingdom, US - United States of America

Engine - the search engine which you would like to check your keyword rankings in, e.g. Google

Geo (optional) - if you would like to check the keywords in a specific region, town or city, enter it in here (or leave blank for nationwide rankings)

Language (optional) - the language which you would like to check your keyword rankings in, e.g. EN for English

Country Search Volume and CPC (optional) - if you prefer to add in your own search volume metrics or CPC values and override the platform's default values, enter it in here.

Geo Volume (optional) - if you are tracking keywords in a specific region and would like to use custom search volume data, enter it in here

Tag - the tags which you would like to attach to the keyword. You can enter up to 20 tags per keyword!

CTR config (optional) - the CTR config that the keyword should be attached to. Choose from Brand or Non-brand, or you can even upload your own CTR model too.

Once you're ready, simply upload the file back into the platform.

Click on 'Select File to Upload' and then 'Process File', which will allow the platform to process the file, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:


Choose the relevant heading for each column or simply set as "Not Set" if the option isn't available. Don't forget to confirm if column headings are in the first row of the file (which is usually the case!) and the default currency for any CPC values. Simply click on 'Upload' and the platform will run a quick check on your new keywords!

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