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Visibility Explorer: Quick Tour
Visibility Explorer: Quick Tour
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This module allows a user to dynamically retrieve market visibility and ranking data on millions of domains across 26 markets within a matter of seconds. There's literally trillions of data points at a user's finger tips with his module.

Tabbed Navigation


Like the Project Visibility module, this module is split into three main views (the Overview, the Ranking Keywords view and the Ranking URLs view). Click on any of the three tabs to change your view.

Search form


The module will populate with data for the domains you enter in the search form. You can add up to 25 domains (or group domains) at any time. Each domain will appear as a uniquely coloured pillbox. In the example below, I've added all the domains for the current Premier League table (2020-21 season) and yes, I know, some of the colours aren't quite right. πŸ˜€



The module includes a number of widgets which break the data down in various ways and more widgets will progressively be added to this module.


Expand/Shrink functionality

All the widgets have the option to expand to the full width of the user's screen. Simply click on the expand icon in the top right hand corner of each widget:


CSV downloads

Most of the widgets include an icon which allows a user to download a simple CSV file which will contain the raw data that is being used to populate the widget:


Widget: Visibility Index


This displays the Visibility Index for each of the selected domains (i.e. those that are represented by pillboxes). Each bar in the chart will match the pillbox colour. For a definition of Visibility Index, see below.

Widget: Visibility Share %


This provides a breakdown of Visibility Share as a percentage. The colours shown in the chart will match the colours of the respective pillboxes.

Widget: Result Type Prominence

This chart allows a user to see, at a glance, which result types are more 'prominent' (i.e. more likely to appear for the campaign keywords on this campaign). In the example below, you can see quite easily that for 30.2% all of the keywords the selected domains rank for, Google is displaying People Also Ask results in the SERPs.


Widget: Number of Keywords

This bar chart provides a domain-to-domain visual comparison, based on the total number of ranking keywords each domain has.


Widget: Ranking URLs

This chart displays the number of ranking URLs each domain has over time.



Analysed domains will appear as brightly coloured pillboxes. You can toggle the pillboxes on or off at any time to include them in or exclude them from the analysis (in the image below you'll notice that the yellow pillbox for has been temporarily toggled off). You can also remove them from the analysis altogether by clicking on the close icon (cross in a black circle) on each one.

The colours of the pillboxes will match the colours shown in most of the widgets:

Visibility Share % widget, highlighting the fact that the <a href="" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a> is coloured the same shade of blue in both the widget and the pillbox above it.

Custom Date Selector


This allow you to change the analysis to any particular date range. Please note that the module will automatically update every month with fresh data, so in this case, you may find it more effective to make use of larger date ranges (Last 3 months, last 6 months, last year, etc).

Overview Chart

Below the widgets, you will see an Overview chart which will display various metrics over time for the selected domains:


You can change the displayed metric at any time by clicking on the chevron in the far right of the header bar. The following metrics are currently supported:

  • Average Rank

  • Keywords per Page

  • Number of Keywords

  • Number of Pages (Ranking URLs)

  • Potential Visibility Score

  • Potential Visibility Value

  • Visibility % (Visibility Share)

  • Visibility Index

  • Visibility Value $

Ranking URLs

If you click on the Ranking URLs tab, your view will change to display a Ranking URLs table. As you might expect, this displays the top (highest ranking) URLs for each of the selected domains.



A user can customise what is displayed in the table by making use of the cog icon in the top right hand corner.

Metrics available in this table:

  • URL: the top ranking URL for each domain for the campaign keywords

  • Tags: the keyword tags that are assigned to each keyword this URL is ranking for

  • Ranking Keywords: the number of ranking keywords each URL has in the campaign

  • Visibility Index: Visibility Score for each domain, based on a flat average search volume

  • Potential Visibility Score: the potential extra visibility each URL could potentially achieve by increasing the ranking positions of its ranking keywords

  • Visibility Value: the estimated value of this visibility based on what it would cost to achieve the same level of visibility via a paid campaign

Exporting data (CSV files)


Click on the grey cog icon in the top right hand corner of the table and click on 'Download CSV'. This will download the data that is displayed in the table.

Ranking Keywords


If you click on the Ranking Keywords tab, you'll see a table which displays the ranking keywords for the first domain (the "client" domain) on the campaign and corresponding data for selected competitors (it defaults to showing the first three competitors, but you can swap the competitors that are displayed from the Settings icon - 'Choose Displayed Domains').

  • Keyword: each campaign keyword

  • Universal Results: the types of results seen in the SERPs for this keyword when we last checked. Supported result types:

    • Ad

    • Answer Box

    • Destination

    • Image

    • Job Finder

    • Knowledge Graph

    • People also ask

    • Place (Local Pack)

    • Shopping

    • Top Stories

    • Video

  • Average Search Volume: average search volumes for each keyword (these are currently based on desktop searches only)

  • CPC ($): the average CPC (Cost Per Click) for each keyword (data source: Google)

  • Potential Visibility Score: the potential extra visibility each URL could potentially achieve by increasing the ranking positions of its ranking keywords

  • Rank: the latest top rank for each keyword

  • Result Type: the result type for the domain's rank

  • URL: the top ranking URL for each keyword

  • Visibility Index: an estimate of a domain's overall visibility for its ranking keywords based on an assumption of each rank achieving a typical CTR (Click Thru Rate) for that ranking position (Visibility Score = Search Volume * CTR for the keyword's rank) - based on a flat average Search Volume over a 12 month period.

  • Visibility %: Visibility Share): each domain's visibility share, based on the overall market's visibility (i.e. it's Visibility Score / Total Visibility Score for all domains)

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