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How does the filtering work?
How does the filtering work?
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We allow users to filter the data shown in the tables in both the Campaign/Project Visibility and Visibility Explorer modules using a variety of methods, depending upon the type of data displayed in each column, depending upon whether it contains text data or numeric data.

Columns containing text:

For filtering that applies to columns, containing text, you can use a number of filters.

  • Wildcards: e.g. widget. By default any keyword you enter in the filter box will be treated as a wildcard filter. You can enter or cut and paste up to 50 keyword filters into the above box (one on each line).

  • Exact Match: e.g. [blue widget]

The following additional advanced text filters are on the product roadmap and will be added in due course:

  • NOT: e.g. NOT green widget

Columns containing numbers:

These are the filters you can use with numeric (or currency) columns:

  • Exact match: e.g. 101

  • Less than: e.g. <100 - in the example below, I've filtered the table to show keywords where the site is ranking <2 (i.e. 1) and where the average CPC is less than a dollar.

  • Greater than: e.g. >100 - in the example below, I've filtered the table to only display keywords where the Average Search Volume is greater than 1,000 (and then clicked on the column heading in order to resort the filtered table in descending order)

  • Range: e.g. 10:100 - in the example below, I've added to the above filter by then filtering the resulting table down further to just show those keywords where the client domain is ranking between 1 and 10 (inclusive) - orange box.

  • OR: e.g. 2 OR 3 - as exemplified below:


The following additional advanced numeric filters are currently not supported:

  • AND: 3 AND 4

  • Negative: e.g. -20

  • NOT: e.g. NOT 100

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