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Can I use my own Search Volume/CPC Data in the platform?
Can I use my own Search Volume/CPC Data in the platform?
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Any keyword that you upload to Authoritas will automatically have its monthly search volume and cost per click (CPC) data updated, but you can also use your own custom values too!

When adding keywords to the platform, there is a template CSV sheet that can be downloaded and filled out to help with quick and easy upload. In this sheet, you will find columns to enter your own search volume and CPC metrics. These values will be used in calculations for site traffic, the monetary value of traffic and share of search.

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After uploading your CSV sheet, make sure you head over to ‘Settings’ at the top of Authoritas, followed by ‘Keywords’, which is the sixth option on the left-hand side. Once here, change your Search Volume Mode to ‘Custom in preference to Default’ in order to pick up on the search volume and CPC that you uploaded.

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Find out more by watching this video!

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