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How relevant are my backlinks?
How relevant are my backlinks?
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The platform helps you focus on the most relevant links to your website using 'Market Keywords'! Based on these keywords, it provides a unique relevancy score for all your backlinks so you can focus on quality links. Let's take a look!

When you create a new project, the platform asks for your 'Market keywords'. Think of the four or five keywords (though you can add up to 20!) that really define the site that you are adding to the platform; these will be perfect to use as Market Keywords!

Authoritas then uses these terms to calculate the relevancy of third-party backlinks that point to your domain. The closer the content on the page of the backlink is to your Market Keywords, the more relevant it is deemed! This can help you weed out backlinks that aren’t relevant to your topics or concerns.

The relevancy scores are available in the Link Data module:

⚠️ Quick reminder that the Market Keywords are used in the Link Data module and the keywords that you monitor and target are in the Rank Tracking module ;-)

You can find out more by watching this video:

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