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How do I cancel or close my account?
How do I cancel or close my account?
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Cancelling Monthly Subscriptions

We're obviously disappointed to lose any of our customers, but admin users (if they are on monthly subscriptions) are able to cancel their subscriptions at any time (up until their monthly renewal date) by viewing the Orders tab and cancelling the recurring fee. If you do this, the platform will:

  • cancel the recurring fee, so no further attempts to take monthly payments will be made

  • calculate, invoice and charge you for any final usage charges (if applicable)

  • stop monitoring your site(s)

  • block access to your account

Please note that we don't offer pro rata refunds, so if you don't do this in time and your subscription has auto renewed for another month, we would recommend setting a reminder to cancel it before it renews again.

Alternatively, you can email us and we can cancel the recurring fee, without removing user access or stopping your site(s) being monitored. That way, you won't incur another fee, but we will still monitor your sites for the whole subscription period and you will still have access to your account for this time.

Cancelling Annual Contracts

Please note that, if you are on an annual contract, then you should not be using the above process; you should be emailing us ( to cancel your subscription and to prevent the subscription from auto renewing when your annual subscription is due. As per our terms and conditions, available on our main site, you will need to give us one month's notice for the cancellation to take effect, so you would need to do this one month prior to the date it is due to roll.

Providing feedback

If you do decide to cancel, please provide feedback in the box provided (if you're cancelling from within the app) or when you email us. The platform has been developed over the years, largely based on customer feedback; so if you are cancelling because there is an additional feature or two you would like to see, it is always worth contacting us first, because the platform is continually developing, so we may well be working on what you require.

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