How do I add Users?
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To add a user to your account, simply go to Account and then Users:

From here, click on the Add New User button:

A pop-up window lets you enter their email address, name, nickname (the name that will actually appear for them across the platform) and password.

You can also set their role from the drop-down at the bottom of this window:

  • Admin: the user will have unrestricted access to all sections of the platform.

  • Standard user: the user has access to almost all functions of the platform, with the exception of the Credits area, Project Groups, and some other account settings, such at the ability to change their role.

  • Link builder: access is restricted to the Tasks, Link Data, and Campaigns areas of the platform.

  • Tasks only: access is restricted to the Tasks and Campaigns sections.

  • Data reviewer: only the Reporting, Rankings, Link Data, and Entities sections are available. Functionality within these sections will also be limited to a more observational role. Users will not be able to add domains or keywords, for example.

Project groups can also be assigned from here, allowing the user access to any projects within that group (if you haven’t set up project groups, this option will not be visible, and all users will have access to all of your projects).

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