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What are Project Groups and how to use them?
What are Project Groups and how to use them?
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If you have multiple projects for domains that you would like to treat as a set for one reason or another, you can create Project Groups.

Project groups can be used to assign and restrict certain users’ access to certain projects. This is incredibly useful for agencies with large teams and multiple projects on the go at the same time.

Simply go to Account > Projects:

They’re simple to set up, click Create New Project Group...

...and give the group a name!

You can then assign each of your projects to a group from the drop-down menus found when clicking the Edit button for any item in project table.

Select the Project Group as needed...

...and once selected, the platform will automatically refresh the page and assign your preferred Project Group as below:

You can assign individual users to specific Project Groups too, handy if you need to limit access to specific projects/ clients. Check out "How do I add Users" to learn more!

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