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What do I get with a Freemium account?
What do I get with a Freemium account?

Understand what features are included in our free SEO software accounts, credit allowances, limits and conditions for getting one.

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Firstly, you can sign up here.

You get access to 1 account per company.

The account is yours to keep as long as you login once every 30 days.

To conserve expensive resources and keep our prices competitive we remove inactive Freemium accounts if they have been dormant for more than 60 days.

You get the basic features that are listed on the Business Essentials package. Please note, whilst these features are stable and unlikely to change, we do reserve the right to change the make-up of the Freemium package from time to time without notice. Currently, these features include:
โ€‹Freemium Features

  • Keyword Rankings

  • Competitive Research

  • Keyword Research

  • Website crawling

  • Backlinks

  • Basic analytics integrations

  • SEO Reports (Export to .csv)

Package Allowance

  • 2 Domains

  • 1 User

  • 1,000 keyword rank credits per month

You cannot upgrade or change these limits without upgrading to a paid account.

If you have any questions about any of our SEO platform package or SEO APIs, then please contact us using the chat function.

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