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How do I manage my integrations?
How do I manage my integrations?
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Authoritas supports integrations with third-party tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Big Query. To get started, just head to Integrations, which is under the SETTINGS part of the platform:

Here, you will find options to configure an account for each Google product. Clicking on the ‘Authorise’ button will take you through to the respective dedicated portal, where you can complete your setup.

The more data you can integrate with your project, the more data, insights and options that you can get out of Authoritas at the other end.

Google Analytics – This data feeds into the Content 360 module, providing critical metrics such as Visits / Visitors, Time On Page and Bounce Rate for you to utilise as a part of your strategy planning.

Google Search Console – Authoritas joins your raw search analytics that comes from this tool, with the platform’s own ranking data, to present a stitched view of which keywords are ranking for what pages. Build your own CTR models that can then be applied to your traffic and media value calculations.

Google Big Query – Allows you to feed data from Authoritas into an Instance, which you could go on to use to power reports or dashboards in powerful tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau or PowerBI. (This is only available with a paid monthly or annual subscription).

There is also the chance to suggest additional integrations that you want to see. Just let us know what you or your team would like to be supported next!

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