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How can I research new keywords?
How can I research new keywords?
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***This is a New Feature, released in beta. Why not share your feedback in The Optimisers Community, and we promise to review and consider all your suggestions as part of our Product Roadmap & Development. Check it out here***

Discover new keyword opportunities and suggestions for writing new content on your website, or working on existing content using the Keyword Explorer! Decide on which keywords you would like to track and monitor and the content that is perhaps missing from your website but could get you valuable quality organic traffic.

Simply go to Keywords > Keyword Explorer as below:

From here, simply enter a keyword or topic, note you can run multiple search queries at once by entering a , comma in between phrases.

Select from over 25 different regions around the world to discover keyword suggestions specific to that region, and then hit Search!

Within seconds, the Keyword Explorer will provide a list of suggested keywords alongside the following metrics:

  • Search volume

  • CPC

  • SERP Features (Answer boxes, Images, Videos etc)

  • User Intent scores - essential for understanding your users primary intent, read more here.

Select keywords to add them to your project and begin monitoring and tracking your website's and competitor performance!

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