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How can I change the Click Through Rate Model?
How can I change the Click Through Rate Model?
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Did you know that each individual keyword that you monitor on Authoritas can have its own Click Through Rate model assigned to it?

This is controlled through the Rank Tracking part of the platform.

  • Just click on the checkboxes for the keywords you want to update

  • Then choose ‘Set CTR’ under the ACTION dropdown:

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Making changes to Click Through Rate has an impact on how your estimated traffic and media value metrics are calculated. By default, Authoritas offers two CTR models, one for Branded search and the other for Non-Branded, but you can also add custom models.

  • Under Settings, you will find ‘Manage CTRs’.

  • Click on ‘ADD NEW CLICK THROUGH RATE’ to bring up this pop out:

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This will allow you to set the percentage of the clicks going to the top 30 ranking positions. This might be based on data from Google Search Console, market knowledge or your own research.

Once you have your values set, give the config a name and save it. You will then be able to assign keywords to the custom CTR model, back in Rank Tracking. This can be a really useful way to accurately track traffic and media value across a varied set of terms, helping you to understand what holds the highest value.

⚠️ Creating additional CTR models will not cost you anything extra.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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