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Who are my Competitors?
Who are my Competitors?
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Did you know that you can track competitor domains to know what their ranking position is for your chosen keywords?

Simply go to:

  • Rank Tracking > Track domain (or a specific page path)

  • Then click on Save.

What if you don't know who your competitors are though? ๐Ÿค”

Use the Market Winners feature and the platform will identify the top ranking competitors for your tracked keywords! In the Rank Tracking module, simply go to Export and choose 'Market Winners'.

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From here you can quickly build a custom competitor view:

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  • Format - choose from Excel or CSV

  • Description - give your export a handy name, such as Top Competitors or Market Analysis

  • Choose a Ranking Config - which ranking configuration would you like to analyse?

  • Max Results - the platform will find up to 50 competitors

  • Select Keyword Tags - choose this option if you'd like to focus on specific keywords or groups.

This is handy if you're interested in the competitor domains for a particular area/ industry of the market for example.

Once you're ready click on Export and check out the competitor domains. The Market Winners report also gives you insight on the number of keywords each domain is ranking for, in the Top 3, Top 10 and Top 30 positions.

You will now have a clear picture of which companies and competitors are stealing your share of traffic and outperforming your domain. From here you can decide which are worth tracking and monitoring going forward, as we discussed at the start!

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