What is the FAQ Explorer?
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This module helps identify new FAQ's, Frequently Asked Questions and content opportunities.

Do you want to know how to quickly rank for:
• Featured Snippets
• Organic FAQs
• People Also Ask
• Voice Search

You can with FAQ Explorer and it will also help you discover questions across the user journey from navigational to transactional intent.

If you track your head terms in our keyword rank tracking module then you’ll already be taking advantage of our unique User Intent model which gives you a Navigational, Informational, Commercial or Transactional score for each keyword.

Entering these keywords into our FAQ Explorer allows you to extend this one step further and discover highly relevant questions that you should be writing new content or optimising existing to answer.

Simply go to Keywords > FAQ Explorer and enter in a keyword or phrase. Choose from 26 different regions around the world! And don't forget you can conduct multiple searches at scale using a comma (,) in between keywords.

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The tool works in real-time (returning results in just a few minutes!) and the table automatically refreshes as new data comes in.

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Thanks to the FAQ Explorer, you can provide your content marketing and editorial teams with a prioritised list of important keywords with a related list of questions that consumers are asking that you could (and probably should) be answering.

⚠️ The questions will only appear if the selected keyword generate PAA results in Google. 😄

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at support@authoritas.com.

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