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How can I understand the Credit Consumption?
How can I understand the Credit Consumption?
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Did you know that your Admin users can view a project-by-project breakdown of your keyword and domain credit consumption, at any time, in Authoritas?

To get started just click on Account in the top left of the screen, followed by Credits, which will be the second option on the left.

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So, for this demo project, you can see an overview of how many keyword and domain credits have already been consumed, versus the total allowance for the account. At this time, there is no threat of running out credits, but if this was the case then the platform would provide an estimated date of when all credits would be used by.

Using this overview, alongside the project-by-project breakdown below provides insight into how credits are being spent. It allows you to identify any areas of high consumption and where to make changes if necessary.

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These metrics are calculated using the number of keywords, search engines and rank check frequencies and provide the following:

  • Checks already completed this month

  • Checks left to complete this month

  • Total checks planned for the next month

If you make any updates to your keywords, rank configs or schedules, then the figures here in the Credits section will also be revised accordingly!

⚠️Please note that as standard, you will receive an automated email that triggers after consuming 80% of your credits, giving you an opportunity to alter your settings and bring usage under control.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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