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How can I use the Forecasting module?
How can I use the Forecasting module?
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SEO forecasts are typically made using standard or customised click-through rate models built on your keyword ranking data and search volume data for every keyword.

In our platform, we help you make realistic projections, using the Authoritas “Ladder Principle". This allows you to make traffic and conversion forecasts at keyword level based on the improvements of the rankings of those terms

No website ever ranks number 1 for all their non-brand keywords but the platform gives a predicted increase in traffic and visits were this to be the case.

Once you are in the module, two options will be presented to you to estimate potential traffic gains.

  • Simple SEO Forecasting: You control the Simple Forecast by operating the two sliders to the top right of the table.

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  • Advanced SEO Forecasting: Our software attempts to provide more realistic results by applying a model when generating projections. This model can be customised if needed, and offers three scenarios:

    • Low – A fairly conservative expectations of achievable rank

    • Medium – A reasonable assumption of what is achievable

    • High – This shows a best-case scenario given your current rank position

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This functionality will provide traffic, value and conversion forecasts at keyword level, and can present a model showing how these factors would be affected by improved ranking performance, as either a static representation of ultimate potential, or a staggered, incremental view of how reaching this potential might look over time.

⚠️ Remember, you have the possibility to update your CTR in the Settings part of the platform.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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