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How can I set up a Dashboard?
How can I set up a Dashboard?
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Let's look at the Dashboards area of the platform

  • Need an overview of your complete SEO performance and activity?

  • Do you prefer custom charts and graphs which can be changed in seconds?

  • Perhaps you're under time pressure but need to analyse your keyword rankings?

Building a dashboard takes seconds, literally!

Click on Dashboards > Add Dashboard and give your dashboard a name. Remember, you can have multiple dashboards too.

"Add Widget" and choose from different SEO metrics and datasets which are pulling in live data from your project:

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Once the widget has been selected, the platform will immediately import your data for you to visualise. Note, some widgets will prompt you to check the settings, use the small pencil emoji as below:

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Your dashboard is now ready! Every time you login to the platform, your custom view will be available right away. Why don't you try exploring your backlink profiles, traffic sources and average ranking positions today?

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⚠️ The charts can be exported, simply by using the menu on the right hand side, where you can print or download your chart in different formats.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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