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How can I manage and track Tasks?
How can I manage and track Tasks?
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Did you know that Authoritas has an inbuilt project management system, for tracking changes or improvements that you make to a website?

To get started, just click on the APPS option at the top, followed by Tasks, which is the third choice on the left.

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By way of example, I will create a task to improve some on page content. Clicking on NEW TASK will bring up a configuration window, which you can use to define the details of task.

The first tab will be the TASK OVERVIEW:

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As you can see, I have filled the forms here with some data, including title and description of the task, as well as when I expect it to be completed. I have assigned this one to myself, but anyone in your team with an Authoritas account can be given a Task.

For Task List, I have put this under ‘Site Optimisation’. This can be thought of as the category the task belongs to and the platform will provide a default set to choose from in the list. Furthermore, you can also customise what appears in the list by visiting SETTINGS > Task Lists.

With the overview set, I can head to PAGES:

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Under ‘Action Type’, you will find a long list of focus areas, including the one I have selected, ‘Improve Page Content’. Most Action Types require a Target Page, which is the URL you want to work on. Proposed Page here refers to new URL and is only used for the ‘New Page’ Action Type. As for Impact Score, this is designed to show you the value of completing tasks. It uses mapped keywords along with search volumes and the nature of the task to calculate its influence on your overall visibility.

All that is left is OTHER DETAILS:

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Tags are useful for managing large numbers of tasks, whereas Followers can be used to give additional members of the team, who are not working on the task, a view on the details and progress.

⚠️ There are no limits to Tasks that you can create!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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