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How can I optimise my webpages?
How can I optimise my webpages?
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Optimising your landing pages and knowing which keywords are driving traffic to your website pages is crucial for a successful content optimisation strategy.

Page Analysis examines the ranking performance of your web pages and identify which ones are performing best in terms of their rank position and value. Go to Keywords > Page Analysis

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Here you will find the below view, where the platform has analysed all your ranking pages:

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  • Ranked Keywords - the keywords which rank for the page

  • Estimated Traffic - the estimated traffic to your website based on ranking position, search volume and CTR

  • Ranked Total Search Volume - the total search volume this month, for the domain the keywords are ranking for

  • Ranked Total Media Value - the total media value this month, for the domain the keywords are ranking for

  • Mapped Keywords - the keywords mapped to this page

  • Total Mapped Media Value - this is the total media value for the mapped keywords, based on their estimated traffic and CPC

  • Mapped Potential Media Value - if all mapped keywords were ranking in position 1, this is the equivalent media value they would be worth

⚠️In order for Page Analysis to function, you need to have pages ranking for at least one keyword. To use it to its full potential, you should also be mapping pages to the keywords you intend them to rank for.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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