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How can I export data from Authoritas?
How can I export data from Authoritas?
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Did you know that the platform offers six options for exporting your project data to other formats? In all cases, you can select between Excel and CSV format, and whether to export data for your full keyword list, or just those items selected.

Simply go to Keywords > Rank Tracking > Export

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Click on Export to view the available options:

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Each export offers a different level of detail and SEO insight:

  • Keywords: All your keywords, along with their page mapping, ranking configuration, rank check frequency and other settings. Useful for bulk editing and then re-uploading in order to update or add new keywords.

  • Keyword Rankings (Top Pages): The highest ranking pages

  • Keyword rankings (All Pages): All the ranking pages

  • Ranking history: Historical keyword rankings for all tracked domains and ranking configurations. Keywords tracked weekly will only receive a value on every 7th day.

  • Ranking Pages: Top 100 ranking pages for the keywords

  • Market Winners: Identifies your competitors' share of search for all the tracked keywords

Once exported, the file will be available for download from the Exports section:

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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