If you're starting out in SEO, or perhaps you're looking to save time, Authoritas offers a useful selection of pre-loaded filters for quickly getting to the results you’re after. These are available whatever the size and maturity of your project.

Go to Keywords > Rank Tracking > Show Me

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Then click on "Show Me". This will return 9 options, all focused on the different areas of SEO, page level optimisation and keyword rankings.

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The different filters are as follows:

  • Keywords where the wrong page is ranking, and ranking well

  • Keywords where the wrong page is ranking, and ranking poorly

  • Keywords where the page or content could be optimised

  • Keywords where you don't rank and probably don't have content for the query

  • Keywords where local results are being displayed

  • Keywords where the homepage ranks outside of position #1

  • Keywords with most traffic potential, aka, low hanging fruit

  • Keywords that have ad Ranking Page Flux in the last month

  • Keywords where my rank has dropped recently

Selecting one will clear the current filters and load up the filters necessary to display the query. For example, 'Keywords with most traffic potential, aka. low hanging fruit' sets up the Ranking filter to show keywords ranking between 4 and 10.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at support@authoritas.com

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