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How can I get competitor backlink data?
How can I get competitor backlink data?
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Did you know that getting competitor backlink data on Authoritas is free? This allows you to add any competitor site to your project and fully analyse their link profile, without it eating into your credits.

To get started, just head over to the Link Data module.

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As you can see, you can track a new domain directly here, by using the third option in the ribbon. With this done, it will be added to you list of tracked domains, and you can switch between them by clicking on the first blue pill. Let’s choose ‘’, which will return their backlink profile.

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The link portfolio will be presented as a list of domains; each of these site refer a link to you competitor. There are also a few key supporting metrics:

  • Social signals – A list of any social profiles found for the website, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • No Follow / Author /Publisher – Let’s you know if we can see these elements in the markup.

  • Also links to – Understand at a glance how many of your competitors are receiving a link from a specific source.

  • Influence – We combine Majestic metrics with our own data, to calculate Influence, or overall quality of the site the link originates from

  • Relevance – The referring domain is measured against your list of market defining keywords, to see how close the site aligns with your site

  • Linking Pages – The number of individual links coming from one source. You can click anywhere on the white space to get an expanded view.

For the purposes of this article, we are most interested in the ‘Also links to’ count.

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In the above example, we can see that '' links to 10 competitors, as well as my own site, as indicated by the ME icon. By comparison, ‘’ links to 8 of my competitors, but not my domain, which we can tell as there is no ME icon.

Straightaway, we gain a powerful insight that ‘’ is popular among competitors and may be a valuable target for a link building / outreach campaign.

This information can be combined with the other useful metrics available through the Link Data module and give you the best opportunities to explore.

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