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How can Authoritas help manage my contacts and network?
How can Authoritas help manage my contacts and network?
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How do you manage your professional SEO network? Do you need a central contact database? Well Authoritas has a module dedicated to helping you build and grow your contacts, let's take a look!

Simply click on Contacts:

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Add a new contact here to start building your network:

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The pop-up window has three main sections - the Contact Details, the Ownership & Status and Business & Payment. Contact details includes the name of the person as well as their social media profiles:

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Ownership & Status lets you share with your team or colleagues the details of the working relationship. Is this a new working relationship for the business, perhaps at this stage the contact should only be contacted by the Owner? Assign tags to further categorise a contact, e.g. "design and artwork", or an SEO campaign for the forthcoming month "June's SEO campaign"

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The address and payment details complete the record in the Business & Payment tab. From here click on Save and your new contact will be added to the Contacts database ready to use.

⚠️ Remember, these are shared across projects so can be accessed by everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or get in touch at

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