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Can I change the Primary Search Engine?
Can I change the Primary Search Engine?
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When creating a new project within Authoritas, the platform asks for a domain name, country, and a few other initial details. The country that is selected here is used to create a primary search engine in that location, for example choosing United States would automatically create a ranking config for Google US Desktop.

When using tools such as Rank Tracking, Share of Search or Forecasting, it is the primary search engine that always appears by default. Did you know that you can change this?

To get started, just head over to the Rank Configs option, which you will find in the SETTINGS part of the platform.

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Here, you find a list of all your Rank Configs. Other tips and videos cover how to add search engines, so be sure to look into those, if you don’t know how. There are options for pausing and deleting configs, but what we are interested in is the pencil icon on the far-right hand side. Clicking on this will give you this pop up:

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As you can see, there is a checkbox and clicking this will make this ranking config the new primary. It will take a few moments for the platform to update this information everywhere, but as soon as the process has completed, you have a new primary to work with!

⚠️Only one ranking configuration can be assigned as the primary search engine, per project.

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