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How to analyse keyword rank data over time
How to analyse keyword rank data over time

Using keyword ranking filters to see how your ranks have changed over custom date ranges

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We store all your historical ranking data when you track keyword rankings on the Authoritas platform. To see how your rankings have changed over time, you simply need to:

1) Go to the Ranking Tracking module and click on the '+' icon:

2) Then select 'Dates' (pink arrow) and click on whatever dates you want to compare (yellow arrow) and then click on Apply (green arrow):

3) You'll then see the following view, which compares the ranks on the selected dates side by side:

You can also export a .csv or .xls file by selecting "Ranking History' report from the 'Export' menu above the chart widgets.

We also have a lovely Google Data Studio template that tracks your keyword rankings and SEO Visibility share of search% over time (check whether this is enabled on your package).

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