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How do I delete a project from the platform?
How do I delete a project from the platform?

How to delete an old site you are nolonger managing to make room for a new project.

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A Step-by-Step Process for Deleting Projects

​Login to your Authoritas platform account. If you do not see the Account > Projects menu then please contact your administrator as you may not have the necessary privileges to do this.

1. Click on ACCOUNT in the top menu

Click on ACCOUNT

2. Click on Projects

Click on Projects

3. You will see a list of projects. Simply select the delete icon next to the project you want to delete.

Click on Delete Project

4. Click on 'Yes' in the 'DELETE PROJECT' dialog window to confirm.


This will delete the project and all its data from the Authoritas platform. The data is irretrievable once deleted - although if you have Google Big Query integration your historic data will still be available to you.

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