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How to connect to Majestic Open Apps
How to connect to Majestic Open Apps

If you want to get backlink data into the platform then you will need to go to the Settings > Integrations page to authorise Majestic access

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If you would like to get Majestic backlink data integrated into your projects then from February 1st 2024, you will need your own Majestic account and authorise access to it via Majestic Open Apps, which effectively uses your own private API key to connect our platform with Majestic's trillion record database of links.

Step 1 - Go to and sign-up for the Pro account

You will need a minimum of the Pro account (or higher) to properly use the API to get the amount of data you'll need for it to be useful for SEO purposes - Pricing (as of today's date is £79.99/month + VAT for the Pro account).

Step 2 - Login to the Authoritas platform and go to Settings > Integration

Here you will see an option to configure Majestic Open Apps. Click 'Authorize Now'.

Majestic login box

Step 3 - Login to the Majestic platform

You will be automatically redirected to the Majestic Open Apps login screen. Simply, login using the link on the top right-hand side of this page.

Majestic login screen

Step 4 - Login to the Majestic platform

Use your Majestic credentials to securely login.

Step 5 - Authorise Open Apps Access to the Majestic platform

Now, simply click the 'Grant Access' button. This will grant the Authoritas platform the necessary permissions to extract data from your Majestic account and integrate it into the Authoritas platform for the projects you select.

Once, you have clicked the button, you will be automatically redirected back to the Authoritas platform.

Step 6 - Select 'All Projects' or 'Selected Projects'

You are now redirected back to the integration screen and all you have to decide is whether to collect link data for 'All Projects' or for 'Select projects'.

If you are more selective, then you will consume your Majestic data allowance at a more measured pace, but you will have to return to this screen from time to time to add new projects to your selection.

Backlink data will be collected automatically for all tracked domains that you have added to a selected project.

You can track a domain by clicking the 'Track domain' menu link from either the Settings > Domains page, the Link data module or the Keyword Ranking module.

You can also specify the time interval ('Timeline') for collection and choose between monthly, bi-monthly or twice a month.

Majestic Open Apps Authorization page

Once you have enabled backlink data collection for a project, then we will make requests for backlinks for your primary domain and any competitor domains configured on the project until you;

  • Pause the data collection timeline for a domain

  • Remove the selected project from the integration settings

  • Delete the Majestic integration completely

  • Close your Majestic Open Apps account

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