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How can I assign keyword conversions for Forecasting?
How can I assign keyword conversions for Forecasting?
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In a previous Tip of the Week, we showed you how to use the Forecasting module to calculate potential uplift to traffic and media value, based on hypothetical improvements to keyword rankings.

Within this tool, it is also possible to gain insight into how the number of conversions will change too. The value is set to zero by default and in order to configure this, you just need to head over to the Settings part of the platform. From here, click on Tags, which is the second option from bottom in the left column:

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As you can see, a pencil icon appears on the far-right hand side of each active tag group in the project. Clicking on this will bring up a pop out box where you can add a conversion percentage, as well as a Sale / Lead value in GBP:

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The values that you set will only apply to the keywords that are in the tag group. This allows you to implement specific rates to each set of terms and create a unique structure that more accurately reflects how the keywords of your domain typically convert.

With this configured, you can navigate back to the Forecasting module and start to use the Conversions metrics in your calculations.

⚠️ You will need to add Tags to your projects before you can create Conversions percentage and Sales / Lead Value.

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